Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cookbook: Better Baking

I just realized I have had pictures of this cookbook floating around waiting to be posted! It is nice in a way (instant post!), but I get a little aggravated that they haven't made it to the blog yet.
 This little gem I picked up at our library sale. 
And look what I found tucked inside! A little treasure, four 1 cent stamps! And since they say "For Defense" they much be from the 40s. 
 Even though there are no photos or cute aprons pictured, the sketches along the edges are too cute.

Such interesting recipes, so many I would love to try.
 The names are delightful too! Who wouldn't want to have tea with Jelly Tuck-aways?


  1. Great find! The Prune Cup Cakes had me take a double take. Very fun cookbook indeed.

  2. I like #3 Follow the recipe EXPLICITLY!
    fun book,

  3. I have this one! The recipes are good, too! Love all the old cookbooks. They have fewer ingredients and almost always taste so good. Just good eating.

  4. I just found your site and would love to subscribe via email. Is it possible to do that? I didn't see a place to sign up via email. Thanks..

    1. Carla,
      Please send me your email address and I will put you on the list. I do not have a place to sign up on my blog at this time.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Thank you.

  5. Hi there! I just found you via the Farmers Daughter.
    I love aprons and love your blog.

    Amy Jo