Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Style in the Bathroom

I love the look of bathrooms from the 1920s and 30s!. I think I did a pretty good job getting the feel while still having modern comfort. It certainly is a cozy room and vintage in the respect that it is the same size as the original room. It also makes it a bit of a trick to take pictures!
I found the narrowest, vintage looking sink I could. Because of the lack of space I didn't want to restrict the walkway. This sink is the best of both worlds; narrow but quite deep to make up for it, with a wide edge for perching things and decent sized soap ledges.
 We still need to work on our medicine cabinet. It is a craig's list find and needs a bit of restoring. At present we just have the door propped up in the space so we at least have a mirror to brush our hair in.
This picture gives you a good idea of the coziness. Nothing is more then a step away! Behind the bathtub is the linen closet. We still need to put the shelves up, so right now it is a jumble.
My sister had the brilliant idea of propping the picture in front of the window the day we moved in. Perfect solution for privacy!
I snapped this quick picture so you could see the combination of subway tiles and square tiles in the tub. I will try and get better ones later. 

The hexagon floor, my favorite feature!


  1. Love the floor and sink. And the picture in the window is a grand idea.

  2. Hello, Just finished reading your updates! Love the bathroom floor! The kitchen is perfect! Those measuring cups are a treasure. I think you may need a new apron Retro Style :)
    I enjoyed seeing it all! May this New Year be a wonderful blessing to you and Yours!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Oh I love your bathroom! It looks so good all put together!

  4. Heide,

    Your home is coming together so beautifully!!! I loved the previous photos of your kitchen too. You have done a marvelous job at decorating your home with a vintage feel.


  5. Thank you so much Sarah! I love when people say it feels vintage, that is exactly what I was going for!

  6. It's definitely vintage because I'm 65 and I remember this style from when I was young. We had that tile in our bathroom as a child. It was "the" bathroom tile and it was everywhere...even public restrooms. Great job~

  7. It's 'vintage' and beautiful! Perfect for your home. I'd really like to have a floor like that. Maybe I can show it to John and inspire him! lol

  8. be thankful for vintage style rather than actual vintage...you have hot and cold water mix...i on the other hand have no such luxury in my actual vintage sink ahahahah (i don't laugh quite so loud during winter).