Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The New Kitchen

Because of the horrible weather on Monday, I was able to stay home from work. And because it was a lovely bright day and we needed to stay warm, Mom and I decided to clean the kitchen. What better way to spend the day then cleaning and work on house things? 
We tore through the kitchen like a whirl wind doing some much needed tidying, rearranging the counters for the thousand time and de-cluttering. After all that work we decided a photo session was in order! So, here it is- The Almost Finished Kitchen!
Disclaimer: This of course is not how it looks normally. What kitchen stays this clean all the time?!

 As you will probably notice, there are still a few things to be done. The kick plate needs to be finished, back splash tiled, windows and doors trimmed out and the end shelves installed. But it is a functioning kitchen and we have hot and cold running water, so we are not complaining!
 Once I get the curtains up, they will add a dash of blue to the red.

Mom's beloved Kitty Cat clock. This is a reproduction of the ones made during the Great Depression.

 The "ugly" side of the kitchen. We are planning on installing a pantry cupboard on the other side of the refrigerator (the side not shown). The quilt is also a temporary fixture, it is there to keep the warm air from disappearing down the basement stairs. On my list of things to find; one basement door!
 A Christmas present. Isn't it cute! I couldn't help falling in love with it.
We loved all the colors against the crisp white.
This is my favorite drawer. The sides are made of tin and it appears to at one time have had a sliding tin lid.
 You can see here the tin drawer is the deepest drawer, which is why it ended up full of dish towels. I do like the two little drawers on top of each other. They keep our mixing spoons and gadgets organized nicely.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour! I will be sure to share an update when it is properly finished!


  1. Heidi...I just love your sweet vintage kitchen! There is nothing that says retro more than white and red and I love all of the other pops of color too! It looks as if you stepped back in time. And I think the deep drawer that you use for dish towels was the bread drawer...the metal lid was to keep the varmits out!

  2. Sweet! I love it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Oh it is lovely! I love how it looks now! I can't wait to come visit!

  4. I love it, very cottage. I really like the vintage milk sign on the fridge, it's so cute.

  5. Great kitchen, reminds me of the one in the home I grew up in.

  6. I LOVE IT! It's the perfect cottage kitchen. Love the white with the pops of color. I could move right in and feel at home. You did a wonderful job, Heidi. You've certainly got vintage style. But, where are all the aprons? lol

  7. That is really nice, but you really do need a touch more color! Mom has been asking me for the last three days if I have seen the post, she was very excited since she got to help with the photo shoot. I really love the canisters on the counter, very nice touch of vintage.

  8. Your kitchen looks adorable! I love all the colored dishes you have also.

  9. With simple decorations, you made your white kitchen so cozy! Your color combination is very pleasing to the eyes, and I'm sure you're satisfied with your “almost” kitchen. Hehe! Anyway, hope you finish your kitchen renovation as soon as possible. I'm sure it'll be fabulous! :)

    Traci Lawson @ BowValleyKitchens

  10. Hi
    I'm visiting from The Country Farm Home.
    I like your kitchen re-do. It looks a lot like mine.
    I have the same hardware and style.
    and , of course, I love the Red!

  11. Love the kitchen and the tin lined drawer with the sliding lid used to be used for flour. I think the old cabinets were much more efficient and accomodated more.