Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pssst...... pass the word

 For those of you who are knitters I thought you would like to know I have published a free mitten pattern on Ravelry. It is very exciting, we have had so much fun watching the statistics!
I named them North Woods Mittens as they are double layer and very warm and cozy! They have been our favorite mittens this year! To find the pattern and more details visit Ravelry.
Here you can see one mitten inside out, with a scrappy sock yarn inside layer.


  1. Wow! More free stuff! These mittens are great and everyone loves the pairs I have made. So fun to have a project that uses up scraps of yarn too.

  2. Thank you! I haven't knitted mittens yet except for felted oven mitts and they were GIANT before I felted them! LOL! That was a free pattern over on Purl Bee. Your mittens are great! I will snap that pattern up for sure as I'm on Ravelry as Saminar. Thank you so much...what a great idea to line them and make them warmer....perfect for my family up North and me when I get back there. You are so talented! TYFS!

  3. How nice! Those look great. I will share this with some ambitious person. :-)

  4. Those would have felt wonderful this past week with temps at 0!