Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014

I haven't post many outdoor pictures this year. It has either been too gloomy or too frigid to be out more then a few moments. This picture was taken about ten days ago. Arctic looking, isn't?
Kerri dog walking in the park, wearing just as many layer as we are!
 I am glad to say the weather has gotten a bit better since these pictures where taken. The sun has come out, the temperature warmed and the snow has compressed. We can actually see bare sidewalks now!
The view from my bedroom window with lovely morning sunlight.


  1. Is that your house in the 3rd photo? I LOVE that style house!!!! Poor little Kerri. Does she have boots too?

  2. My dog Molly will not wear boots. I wish she would, she hops on one foot, then another, when we walk in the winter. :-)
    She does not like her sweater either. I guess she likes to be naked. LOL
    I like your Kerri, she is a sweetheart.

  3. Winter scenes are some of my favorites--don't like the temps but love the scenery. Your homes looks so cozy, even in the snow!