Monday, February 10, 2014

Cheese and Ways to serve it

Being a good Wisconsin girl, this little booklet drew me like a magnet! Plus there are aprons on the cover and inside. A treasure! 
This little cookbook is five and a half inches by 3 inches, tiny and cute!
 The back cover, with a better look at all the aprons!
 Put out by Kraft Cheese in 1931. Don't you love how all the big food companies came out with cookbooks to promote their products? You don't see that much anymore. 

 I love the little sketches in the corners!  Not only are the ladies cooking, but shopping, chopping, stirring and serving.

 How much more vintage can you get then bridge sandwiches!
 I didn't realize until I was scanning these, but each page is perforated for removal and easy filing in the recipe box.


  1. Heide,

    Fellow Wisconsin gal here, ya you betcha we love our cheese! Love those ladies in their dresses and aprons.


  2. LOL ~ Another Wisconsin gal here. I love cheese too.
    Fun Post!!

    1. Lol! Yey for lovely Wisconsin cheeses! I didn't realize how much of a Wisconsin thing it really was until I visited Texas and your choice was white or yellow cheese!!

  3. Leave it to Kraft to tell us Wisconsinites that Velveeta is cheese. LOL What a fun find! And how fun for you to find all those aprons on the cover! But come to my house if you want real cheese. Don't trust Kraft. :-)))

  4. Oh fun! Cheese! I love the little dresses the ladies are wearing, I think you need to make a few of those to wear while serving your cheese.