Thursday, November 29, 2012

1930 December McCalls Magazine

"Insist on a McCall Pattern - It's the short cut to Paris style"
 I am not a great fan of fur, but don't those 1930 coats look handsome with that large collar? I also love the Santa tucked in the corner, even though he looks a little out of place.
"These new Paris designs achieve a maximum of smartness with a minimum of material"
My favorite is 6329. When I think of the early 30's, I always think of their great collars/necklines. So chic! Or as the magazine says- Paris Style!
And who doesn't need new night wear for Christmas?! You can choose from either the newest French pajamas........
..........Or a more traditional floral silk negligee. Which would you prefer?
 I am definitely a floral silk negligee kind of gal. I love how it wraps over and drapes!

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  1. I'm always amazed at the way the 1930s dresses ripple and flow--the curves and scallops. They were so good at making a dress look feminine without being gaudy. Yep, I'd go for the floral silk, too!