Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Walk in the Park

It is such a beautiful day! Why not take a walk in the park?
 (These pictures were taken last month.)

The trees are so bright and white! Looks like they have snow on them. Not sure what kind they are, possibly Ornemental Pear?

 The pup, looking cute. She loves her walks in the park and doesn't let us forget when it is time!!

The Eastern Redbud in bloom. Love the color of these little buds!


  1. Ah, Eastern Redbud, my favorite!! And so sad they don't grow around here. :-( Kerry (?) looks adorable, much more like a stuffed toy than a dog I think. lol (don't tell her I said so)

  2. Thank you for some Springy-fresh pictures!! The doggie looks so innocent and well-behaved...hmmm