Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chocolate Pinks

No, not flowers. Mini Cupcakes!!
I made these awhile back. When I first got my vintage green handled spatula, included in the picture. Hence the peaks in the frosting. Mini cupcakes are too fun to make, and eat!  How can you really go wrong with cute  and chocolate?!
Also, pictured is my Petalware plate. Made in the 1930s by Monax, a glass manufacturing company that made glass lamp shades. The plate is actually glass, not china. I love the stripes, so very 30s. Unfortunately, they are not very plentiful and very pricey. My collection might just consist of one plate and two saucers.

From Hersey's 1934 Cookbook


  1. Just think how many of those I'd have to eat at one sitting. ;-) So cute! And I love that plate. Such pretty stripes and so fresh looking!

  2. What a perfect size for a cupcake. The mini cupcakes are great for those who are watching their weight, don't you think? and lately I've been doing a lot of research on the art deco and depression era on the computer ofcourse, because my local library does not carry an info. on that. So, I have to do research on the web. I love reading your posts because you find so many interesting things from the past. Your collection of 1930s plate and saucer is really nice, love it!

    1. The are perfect for a quick snack, if you can resist and only have one! Lol!

      The 1930s are enchanting! Love the clothes in the era. I will have to post my newest 30s finds! Do you count watching old movies as research? ;) The Thin Man series is wonderful 30s!(I think the last two are early 40s)
      Thanks so much for reading my blog! I am glad you like it. I love hearing from you!