Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Aren't they cute?! A friend pass this recipe on to me and I just couldn't resist. They can be a little time consuming to make, but are not hard. I got a little carried away on taking pictures of them! Lol

To make Chocolate Mice
You will need:
1 package Hugs Kisses (the white chocolate and regular chocolate kisses)
16 oz. chocolate to melt, i.e. chocolate chips or candy making chocolate
1 jar of maraschino cherries, with stems
1 oz. bag of sliced almonds
 Melt chocolate in double boiler, dip cherries in chocolate being careful not to loose stems, place on parchment or waxed paper. Depending on how hot your chocolate is, wait a few seconds for it to cool, then place one unwrapped Hug next to cherry making sure it sticks. After you have finished dipping your cherries and placing hugs, stick sliced almonds on for ears, dipping ends in chocolate to adhere.(You might have to re-heat your chocolate at some point, I just leave the water on the stove simmering.) I broke the almonds in half as to me the looked to big on the mice. After ears are finished you can add eyes and noses by dipping the tip of a toothpick in chocolate and dotting it on. I forgot to count how many I made, I just kept going until I ran out. It made two baking sheets full.

An army of Mice!


  1. Oh my goodness!! They are so cute! I bet they were all gobbled up quicker than they could scurry away!

  2. VERY very cute, but pleeeeeease don't put one in my cup! :-)