Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1950s Cobbler Apron

My Grandma gave me a few of her aprons last month. Today I am posting the first one. I love the cheerful red with the blue gingham binding. It is a mid 50s cobbler style apron. Cobbler style meaning it has a full front and back. I am not sure how that name came to be, doesn't make to much sense to me. I have also been playing around with how to photograph my aprons better, as you probably noticed!
 I thought at first this was a homemade apron, possibly made from this pattern. It is very much the same....ties at back neck...tuck darts in front for the sash...large roomy pockets on front.
 But once washed and ironed, I noticed a LABEL! Unfortunately it is a bit frayed and not completely decipherable. But very exciting as you don't find many aprons with labels!
 Don't you think it is says Party Perfect? And of all places-Milwaukee!! I guess it never wandered far from home.


  1. Splendid!! I have an old Simplicity cobbler apron pattern that I used in the 50s; I think in Home Ec class. I made an apron by it this summer.

    Just found your site today and enjoy it so much!

    1. Welcome! So nice to have you following!

      One of the nice things about aprons, there are so many good memories and stories connected with them.

      I am amazed that you still have the pattern! Glad you are still using it. :)