Friday, August 12, 2011

Knitted Dishcloths

I love the beige with the aqua. So cool looking.

Here is one of my lastest projects, hot off the needles! Knitted dishcloths! It such a fun simple project. They are so simple to make, but it took me awhile to remember how to make them as I kept over thinking it!

Here are the directions for knitting Simple Dishcloths.
Cast on 3 stitches. Increase in first stitch (I used the knit front and back of stitch increase), knit rest of stitches. Continue knitting back and forth increasing in first stitch until there are 45 stitches. Now decrease second stitch of every row (knit two together). When there are 6 stitches left knit one, decrease twice, knit last stitch. Bind off last 4 stitches.

Sometimes it is nice to knit something mindless. (for watching Doris Day,  reading, traveling)


  1. Hi Heide,
    This project is soooo cool. I'm teaching myself how to knit( I've just started )so I think this project will come in handy for me.


  2. Hi Jacqueline!
    Thanks for stopping by. It is a great project for begining knitters! It is just garter stitch, increases and decreases. Let me know if I need to explain something more.
    Happy Knitting!

  3. What a great idea. I used to crochet many years ago and this woul be a fun project to help get back in the habit.

  4. It would be a great refresher project! My directions are for knitting, though I am sure you could find a pattern for crochet.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hello Heide,
    I've just stumbled onto your blog. I love the way you have brought your little house back to life! I am trying to restore a brick house from around 1915, with the same thought - that if the owners of the past hundred years came back they would still feel at home.
    Anyway, I was wondering whether you know anything about the history of dishcloths? I'm from Australia and had not heard of them until I joined Ravelry.
    Cheers, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I don't know the history of knitted dishcloths. They are such an everyday object, my mom has knit them for years too, that I have never thought it!

      Thanks for visiting!