Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a whirl of activity. It was also very exciting as we got a lot done. But the most exciting part was getting a new stove!! Not just a new stove, a convection oven! I didn't know if getting a convection oven was a good thing at first, but after a bit of research what wasn't there to like? 1.) It cooks more evenly then regular stoves. 2.) You can put more in the oven at one time without having to constantly watch for burning. 3.) Cooks quicker. 4.) It bakes better! Really, it just makes everything turn out better! Probably because our old oven was on the fritz and wasn't cooking. 
So Friday night we started the testing. Whipped out pizza for dinner and a batch of Chocolate Zucchini Muffins for dessert. What a difference! The pizza crust was light and crusty without being soggy in the middle. The muffins were tall and fluffy. I could go on all day, how amazing this oven is! We had more plans for baking on Saturday and Sunday but we got distracted by a bit of gardening. My sister and I ended up giving all the flower beds and garden a good weeding, which it desperately needed. Then we re-arranged a few plants and planted a few more flowers. All in all a fun weekend, but busy. Especially after we helped side our brothers house on Sunday.
This week I am looking forward to trying bread and cake in the convection oven. Anyone ever baked with a convection oven before?


  1. A convection oven has always sounded so mysterious to me. You'll have to bring me one of those pizzas. Sounds wonderful! ;-)

  2. I have always wanted and dream of having a convection oven. Have fun!

  3. Thanks! It is fun experimenting with it. Takes a little getting use to, burnt the roast last week. We did a roast chicken too, thought we should start practicing for Thanksgiving. It came out wonderful!