Monday, August 1, 2011

1940s Apron Finished

 Here is an apron I finished recently. From a 1940s pattern I have. If you remember I made the pinafore style apron too. This time I made the half apron out of a semi-sheer white and embroidered above the ruffle.
 It doesn't show up the best on a white dress. I was a little sad the embroidery and the rick rack didn't match exactly. But over all I am happy with it!
A close up of the embroidery. Sorry it is not in focus. It is hard to tell if a picture is any good looking at it on the little camera screen!

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  1. I think I actually own an original 1940's apron made from this pattern. Sadly, somebody cut a piece out of it. I should patch it or something, I guess. (I have the pattern, too, but haven't sewn it. Got the apron from a secondhand store when I was in college, years ago.)