Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Aprons!!

Yey! I finally have pictures of my new aprons! I got these at my sisters local antique shop. We were so excited, you would have thought we found a rare treasure. There were a couple more aprons, it was so hard to decide! If they are still there next time I visit, I will bring them home.
This one is so pretty. From the 1930s. I love the scallops. Unfortunatly I forgot to get a side veiw, so you could see the scallops better and the cute little scalloped pocket!
The back view gives a better view of the scallops. They look a little like flower petals. I thought the back was very interesting. Apparently the seamtress didn't like how the neck strap was made, maybe it popped up? Very creative fix to the problem. The waist ties go through loops on the bottom of the "T".

Something about the 40s, I am very partial. The fabric is so cute! My favorite features are the pointed waistband and the half circle pockets.
An "H" style back.
This one I didn't buy. It is my sister's husband's Great-Grandmother's, say that seven times fast! It is really just on loan to me, so I can make a pattern from it. It looks well loved.
I love the one red and one white button! Now the question is, did she not like ties? Or did she not like it flapping (if it never had ties)? You don't often see this style of back. That straight front says 1930s to me.


  1. I like the one from the 40's. I like how the chest area looks.

  2. I just think that first one is SO SO cute!!

  3. They are both so cute! I love the waistband and bib of the 40s apron. The fabric is so cute too. The scallops of the first one is what got me! :) I am hoping to have patterns for them sometime soon!

  4. I love the 40's style full aprons. I especially like aprons with the "H" back strap design. The bar keeps the straps from falling of my shoulder and the full length straps stop the apron from "hanging" from the neck. In a pink or lavender gingham it would be a lovely alternative to my "plain" uniform (apron).
    Love the blog. Kim.

  5. So true! I am not very fond of the style that just goes around the neck. If you do anything strenous it always ends up looking awkward! The H style can be a little difficult to get in and out of though.
    I am very partial to 40s style! I don't want to say that apron is my favorite because I do like the scalloped one, but.....

  6. I'm thinking Gramma B preferred the buttons because they made it easy to throw the apron over and just fasten the one button. She wore that style of apron into her late eighties when she fell and ended up in a nursing home.

  7. That is very true. It would make it easy to put on. And you don't have to worry about ties! Mom would just leave her ties untied sometimes as the brothers would keep untying them on her:-)