Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Brides (part 2)

Here are the other two booklets I found at the estate sale!  
 Two little booklets dated 1944, from Good Housekeeping. Everything you need to know for a proper wedding; etiquette, trousseau, planning, announcements etc.

  Evidently the proper way for bridesmaids to enter was in groups of two. Interesting!

 Had to share this one too. Love the drawings!

The Trousseau list!
2 dozen pairs of stockings! I wonder how long that was suppose to last you?
 Front page in the Engagement book.

Not quite as many illustrations in this one. Lots of table settings though!


  1. Yea! That is a great list. I love the detail.

  2. How fun! I am just sure that Kevin's mother had that booklet when she married in August of '45. I wonder what a wedding cost back then.