Monday, June 27, 2011

June Brides (part 1)

Look what I found at an estate sale this weekend! Tucked away in the basement with other books and magazines. You never what you are going to find!
"The Brides Book" 1930s and "The Brides Reference Book" copyright 1946.

 Inside of The Brides Book. It has places to record everything about the big day, including the weather. Love it! It was a free promotional from a local "jeweler and engraver". The illustrations are to die for.

"The Business of Being Mrs" that is what The Brides Reference Book is all about.

Full of advice (don't you love it?)...

... Colorful ads (my favorite!)...

 ...Helpful articles (from how to sew and cooking to how to organize your closet)...

...Decorating hints and how to choose a house...

...More advertisements...
...And cute aprons!

Be sure and come back tomorrow for part 2!


  1. How fun!! Wonder how much the average wedding cost back then. Hmm. Aren't those great illustrations!

  2. Oh Heide I love that book, makes me want to plan myself another wedding. Maybe I shall have to have a big anniversary party!! I just love, "Your New Job - Husbandry!!"