Monday, June 6, 2011

Needlecraft - The Home Arts Magazine

Here is some of my newest finds I bought while visiting my sister. They are really fun magazines! Everything from canning, embroidery, sewing and knitting is found in them. Two are from 1935 and the other 1934. When I saw these, I knew they were going home with me!

I few pages showing applique and embroidery. I love how they have used buttonhole stitch around flowers (small circle at the left). I wouldn't of thought to use it like that.

Of course no woman's magazine would be complete without the latest fashions! And a few aprons! Don't you love the headline for Ball jars?

These are the back covers. Such gorgeous advertisements. A pity they are for cigarettes.

I tried to make the pictures big, as I just realized that you can't blow them up to get a good look. Hopefully you will now be able to catch all the details :)


  1. Oh my! Those will be perfect for my informal social hour after the bridge game!

  2. Lol Of course! Just what everyone needs!

  3. Oh I love those pictures of the dresses, one looks like Ginger Rogers in a movie where they are on a boat. I love those silouettes, which no natural figure is really that length and lack of breadth... oh well nice to look at.