Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Finds!

This weekend we went to estate sales!! One of my favorite things to do. Not only do you get to go shopping, you get to tour a house as well! I saw so many lovely things that I wanted to bring home. But either I didn't have a place or purpose for them or they were out of my price range. :( I did find a few goodies though. A few books, a box of trim, garden tools, a glass pitcher.
Today I am sharing two of the books I bought. The first, a small cookbook copyright 1936, "Baker's Best Chocolate Recipes"

The pictures are so cute! Love the coffee pot.

Next is a book from 1947, "How to Make Paper Flowers and Party Decorations". It just looked intriguing. It tells how to make favors, flowers, centerpieces and decorate with crepe paper. Isn't that fascinating! That is certainly a lost art. The flowers are gorgeous!

How to deck a room in 5 minutes!

This reminds me of another book I have about parties. "Parties, for Special Days of the Year". Quite a cute little book with lots of ideas and games to play. Everything from a New Year's party to an Education party! Someday I will have to host one :)

Such cute little illustrations.

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