Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Gold

Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin! The dafodills and forsythia are in bloom!

They always remind me of April Gold by Grace Livingston Hill. In the book she calls her daffodils and forsythia her "april gold". They are so cheerful to see in the spring!

Have you ever read April Gold? It is such a cute little story. Copyright 1936. It is about a mother, son and daughter who have to sell their family home and move to the wrong side of town because they have lost their money. How they settle into their new life and make it through with determination, family and God. I love the part where the mohter misses her "april gold", so the son digs up all her daffodils and forsythia, and re-plants them at the new house.

I love Grace Livingston Hill books! They are so sweet. And give a good picture of living in the 20, 30s, 40s. Even though it is romantizied!


  1. I love the pictures!!
    just what we need!!

  2. Oh my word! Those pictures are amazing, still waiting to see thosebloom up here. Love that you posted about Grace Livingston Hill, my hero. She is STILL an inspiration to many people, thats what I think is so neat about her.

  3. Aren't they pretty? Sister's camera does such a good job.
    Yes, Grace Livingston Hill is amazing. That is one of the reasons I got a forsythia, because of April Gold!