Friday, April 8, 2011

A Find from Holland

I found this bais tape with lace edging on etsy.

Mailed all the way from Holland! She has a lot of fun things. Very bright, colorful fabric and trims. It just arrived in the mail yesterday. To to cute!

I can't wait to sew an apron. I haven't decided what pattern yet. I am thinking 40s. As they loved ruffles and trim. I might make up my own pattern. Still thinking, but with this for inspiration, it shouldn't take long!

A close up. So you can see the tiny little Strawberries and Cherries! And the cute flowers! I almost didn't get the fruit one, I know! what was I thinking?!

Life has been rather busy lately. Tax season you know, and of course since I do really like doing taxes, I do them for the whole family! I was so hoping that I would have a bunch of aprons sewn by now. But I haven't had the time. They are still all cut out, waiting on my sewing table. I did sneak an hour or so of sewing in on Tuesday. I have a little half apron almost done! It was so rejuvinating to be able to sew! I am hoping next week I will get time!

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  1. So so sooooooooo cute Heide, can wait to see the apron !!!