Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Have-Done List 2017

(Every year on the anniversary of owning my bungalow I like to create a Have-Done-List to celebrate all that I have accomplished on my house. I started this on my first anniversary and it is one of my favorite things to do each year!)

It is that time of year again! This will be the 5th year I have owned the little cottage and four years since we have lived here (it took almost a year to fix up). 
I am not sure if it is just time or the projects we got done this year or that life feels a bit calmer, but I am feeling "settled". You know that feeling of comfortableness, the knowledge when trying to recall an event that it took place in THIS house? Maybe it is just I am realizing we have lived here long enough to start touching up the paint on the walls....
Whatever the reason, it is a nice feeling!

Bathroom Trim and Windowsill

Even though I haven't finished re-decorating yet, I am hoping it will be done before the Christmas tree needs to go up!

I think I was the most excited (still am!) about getting this one done!

Sewing Room Re-Do

I always like to look back at previous years. It is pretty amazing where it all started....
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four


  1. I love your little house! You have definitely put your stamp on it!

    1. Thank you! I think it is a case of "We shape our buildings; thereafter they
      shape us." Winston Churchill. I have learned so much!

  2. Such a great idea, an idea I will copy to look back on out own endeavours over the years. You are blessed with a beautiful home.

    1. Thank you! I wanted a fun positive way to celebrate progress that first year. It is still fun to celebrate the changes and see what is new.

  3. The outside of your house looks nearly identical to my maternal grandparents home from when I was a child. What fond memories! Love the changes you've made. Can't wait to see the evolution.

    1. Oh how fun! Is the layout similar too? Thanks for sharing!