Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Sewing Room Re-Do

I finally have pictures of the new bright and airy Sewing Closet! I am so excited with how it turned out, better then I imagined actually! There are a lot of the same things, but a lot is new.

 The biggest difference is a new sewing table! Getting a new table was a big decision for me as my brother had made my old one, but I am so glad I finally decided a change was needed. The old table was just taking up too much space and it wasn't being that useful. To be honest, it collected messiness like crazy!
So, I picked out a basic table from Ikea with just enough room for one sewing machine and the project I am working on. It makes the room look so much bigger!  My goal is to never never leave anything on the table after a project. I am going to try my hardest not to let the mess pile up!

 I don't know where the idea for little shelves came from, but one day it popped in my head! A very clear picture of white shelves lined with milk bottles, the sun from the window glinting off them. It took a bit of searching to find just the right shelves, but they are exactly what I pictured!

The back wall is the only blank unoccupied wall. At first I was going to fill it with a couple of pictures, but then I realized two things; the white wall makes a perfect backdrop to photograph finished items and I love seeing that white from my bedroom! I did put two hooks to hang newly finished makes, but when I want to admire the beautiful whiteness, I can just take down the hangers.

Another big change is my "closet" area. I had put up a small rod from the wall to the end of the shelving and it worked perfectly fine. But when Mom suggested putting an old fashioned coat rack there instead, I said, yes indeed!
I love how it has tidied up the corner. It works quite well for me as I only hang blouses and dresses. Most of my dresses (which I don't wear everyday) are in white muslin garment bags which also keeps it calming to the eye.

 On of my biggest worries was were to keep my shoes? I had them in a bin tucked under the hanging clothes, but with the coat rack, there is no place to hide them! Then I came up with the idea of muslin bags hung from the end of the shelving. Now they are tidily tucked out of the way and kept free of dust. (I love my basic white hooks! You can find then at any hardware or building store. They are liberally sprinkled about the house.)

This is the little wall to the left of the doorway, just large enough to fit my dresser full of patterns with all my sewing tools on top. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the entire dresser. It is the same one that I have had though, Here it got a stencil makeover.

I love how this picture really show how big my sewing room is! I can never remember the dimension, though I know I have measured it. A twin bed should be able to fit under the window, so about six and a half feet by six and a half feet? It is amazing what one can do with a bit of space once you put your mind to it!

Now I am ready to sew! A good thing too as this little room feels like it is bursting with fabric!
Want to see what my sewing room looked like before? In 2014, With new wall art, Two months ago.

And this is my "happy" view from the bedroom!


  1. Your sewing room is lovely! It is so bright and cheery. I love to have my sewing machine by a window too. : )

    1. Thank you Sarah! The window is south facing, so lets in a wonderful amount of light. Though when I am sewing I am usually too busy to notice the view!f

  2. What a lovely transformation! Love the dresses hanging on the wall as art. I'm going to use your idea of the knitting needles in a milk jar. I too, am trying to keep my sewing/work table clear of projects, ready to be used for the next one. Just a thought when I saw your ceiling light, it might look nice with a wicker lampshade, just to "warm" up the room and look great with the wood on your table (just a suggestion, not a negative thought). Thank you for sharing.

    1. I have thought long and hard about putting a shade on the light. It is made to hold one and I was planning to when I bought it. But it is the only light in the room and at night, I love how bright it is, so I have always been hesitant. Maybe I should just try it! Love the idea of wicker! And it would warm it up and tie in with the table.
      I thought my milk bottle collect should at lest be slightly useful! If you knit sock, a vintage toothpick holder is perfect! Thanks for commenting Mellissa, glad you enjoyed the tour!

  3. Oh it looks so big now! I love how you make everything so pretty and welcoming.

  4. That sewing room is lovely. So fresh and inviting. Great job!

  5. I love your sewing space, it's so sweet! And loved looking at all the beautiful photos of your bungalow. You have a lovely home!