Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sewing Room

Are you ready to see my sewing/crafting space? I am never sure what to call it....room or closet? It is rather large to be a closet and rather small to be a room! It does have a window and you could fit a twin bed if you really wanted to.
It fits my sewing table along the left side perfectly. I love this view from my bedroom doorway, it makes me happy to see my sewing machine ready to go! I don't always manage to fit in as much sewing time as I wish, but it is nice to know I can sneak a few minutes in whenever I want!
This is about the cleanest my table has been since I moved in. I kept hoping to get it a little better under control, but that wasn't happening. So I "tidied" it for the pictures by sweeping up the two giant mounds and hiding them out of sight! It sure was nice to see the table for a few minutes.

My sewing chair make-over turned out perfectly! It got a couple of coats of white paint, new caning and a new seat cover.
 Looking at the opposite wall, cube shelves from Ikea with my fabric and notions. Once I had the shelves in I realized I could make much better use of the space with bigger bins, so I found Hefty tubs that fit perfectly!

Yarn, fabric, sewing books and notions.
Since the sewing room also has to function as my closet, I left some space between the wall and the shelves for a clothes rod. Just enough for my shirts and dresses!
 I love having a proper place to put the ironing board, it always ended up stashed behind something before.
There are still a few things I would like to do, like hang a couple of vintage fashion prints on the wall and paint the bottom portion of the table. Someday I will get there, in the mean time I am enjoying it tidied up!
Looking back to the book nook.


  1. Your organizational skills are to be envied, dear Heidi! My sewing/project room looks like an explosion went off! I love how you are using up every bit of your darling space :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Heidi, Seeing this post reminded me of all the lovely apron pics and stories you have taken the trouble to post. I particularly like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8PCD-yzCT04/TgDHUMn_TiI/AAAAAAAAAYs/eF0L4I8FWEE/s1600/IMG_1058.JPG apron. I rarely leave my bedroom in the morning without my apron on. I find wearing my apron inspires me to get stuck into my daily housework chores. I always wear long dresses so a full length "pinafore" apron is my apron of choice. The "Edwardian" apron and the "Jewels/prairie pinafores suit my ankle length dresses very nicely. http://www.thekingsdaughters.com/prairieessentials.html Blessings, Grace.

  3. Your house is so similar to the house I spent most of my childhood. After age 5 it was only in the summers but I love that house and I think yours brings back all those great memories...thank you!