Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Since I have been doing genealogy the last couple of weeks, I thought it would be a fitting post to share a veteran in my family history. Our family like most, is full of veterans, men who have fought and served through all of this country's battles. Recently, I have been researching a Civil War veteran. We have our fair share of Civil War soldiers on the family tree, but this one is special, we have a picture of him!

His name is David Miller. He was born in 1833 to a War of 1812 veteran in Pennsylvania. For some time he has been quite a mystery. I have finally discovered his parents and grandparents names, which I am very excited about! I don't have a lot of other information on him though. He did return from the war, but died not too long after. He was a farmer, working land he inherited from his father. He had five children that lived their whole lives in the same area

This year is the 100th anniversary of WWI. It was very touching to see the memorial at the Tower of London that Hope & Wander posted about.


  1. Your picture is so cool! It is so exciting you have found new information!

  2. That is so nice that you found some history on that photograph. What a treasure! One of my favorite veterans is your brother in law. :-) Oh, and I DID see that wonderful tribute to the fallen British, done in ceramic poppies in the moat at Tower of London. It was a fantastic idea and I'm so glad they were able to accomplish it. Spectacular.

  3. Yesterday we drove 1.5 hours away to visit a Civil War battlefield and then back here in the St. Louis area we visit the Missouri Civil War Museum. Was your David Miller from the Washington County, PA area? I've hit a brick wall with my husband's Miller line. His great great grandparents were married in Washington County, PA but the husband (Campbell Miller) was from nearby Jefferson County, OH and the couple lived mostly in nearby Brooke County, WV (previously VA).

  4. That is so awesome to have a picture of your relative that served in the Civil War. My family was not into preserving the past evidently as there are few pictures. Lucky you!

  5. What part of Pennsylvania? We are trying to trace some of my husband's side, too.

    1. He was from the Beaver Falls/Brighton area of Lawrence county. That area seems to have been very populated with Millers! What was your relatives names?