Thursday, November 20, 2014

Upstairs Bedroom

Here is my cozy little nest! 
I have to tell you, when I took these pictures last week, it was a crazy blog writer moment...... I was so excited to wake up to sun I jumped out of bed and grabbed the camera, I didn't wait to get dressed! Then I realized the floors were dusty! So there I was rushing around mopping floors in my pjs and snapping pictures before I had to dash off to work! Unfortunately, the sun wasn't being cooperative and kept coming and going. But I managed to capture a few good ones!
I love how the ceilings come down and enscone one, it is my favorite feature (besides the windows). The ceilings really defined how and why I decorated this room. As you all know, I love pink. In my previous room the walls were pink and I just planned on painting the walls pink again. But once I studied the room more, I realized if I painted the walls pink I would also have to paint the ceilings pink or spend an enormous amount of time trying to draw "ceiling lines". (Which I knew I would never be happy with.) So right away I changed courses and switched to white (with a faint tint of pink, just to keep me happy!). The other factor that influenced my decorating, was the English cottage feel the room had. The little in-swinging windows..... the sloping ceiling......the basic wood floors......
The curtains I re-made from an comforter cover I had sewn. I think they add the perfect English cottage touch! Other then the curtains, just about everything else was in my old room.
 To the left, the dresser is tucked behind the door. Not the most convenient place, but the room is small and that is what works. 
 Since the dresser isn't in full view most of time, I didn't really know what to put on top..... until winter descended! The basket holds my knitted scarf collection handily ready for topping the day's outfit. A few of my quilts are also ever ready to be snuggled up in. (You can see on this side of the room the ceiling also slopes. Where would I put a ceiling line on that?!)
 I know this looks a little odd and at first is bothered me a bit, but the only way all the furiture was going to fit was with something over the attic door. Since, we don't access it very often, it works fine. And I still get a dressing table!
My bedroom furniture set was found at a garage sale years ago, a special gift from my sister.  I love it's vintage style! I recovered the stool in hand painted rose fabric.
 I had to post one picture of my wonderful floors! I know you all know I love my floors! These are pine, darkened from age and sunlight. All I did to them was a good cleaning and three new coats of shellac.
How can you not love those windows! Even though the bedroom faces north, it gets a surprising amount of sunlight.
 See the dresser peaking out from behind the door, that is the usually view. In the background, the attic door.
Looking into the sewing closet. I thought this gave a nice perspective of how "cozy" everything is! But once you add all the upstairs space together, it is the perfect amount. 
A place for everything.


  1. Your bedroom is so cozy! I love the antique bedroom set and the quilts folded on the dresser!


  2. I could move in and feel right at home! Warm and cozy and bright. Those floors are beautiful. And, I noticed the framed prints over your bed. The ladies look like they are dressed in silks. It's all "picture perfect!" I'm anxious to see how you decorate for Christmas. You were a little rushed last year, weren't you?
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Beautiful. I just love the cozy look.
    I am excited to see how you decorate for Christmas too. :-)

  4. I love the cozy, cottage feel. It is a great space.