Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Porch 2017

 This morning I dashed out and snapped a few pictures before the clouds rolled in! We did a little rearranging of the porch this year. It is all the same elements, just a different way. But my what a difference! It feels fresh and new again.
I just have the windows left to wash, then the porch will be spick and span for summer! Last week when the heat wave came through I hauled all the wicker out onto the front lawn, gave it a good hose down and scrubbed the porch floor. Earlier in the day the pillow and cushion covers were put through the wash.

I love how this picture captures the green surrounding the porch. We have such a leafy neighborhood. The tree in front of the house also provides a larger and larger amount of green each year.

Last year's porch in the Spring and Summer.


  1. Your porch looks so cheerful and inviting! It must be such fun to be able to enjoy tea and a good book while viewing the outdoors without actually getting sunburned or rained upon. I hope you have a blessed and terrific rest of the week!