Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vintage Find: Christmas Santa in Sleigh

Each year there is one vintage Christmas decoration we end up bringing home. Most of the time we don't even know we need it until we find it! This year's find is a blow mold Santa in a sleigh. Cute isn't he?

Santa is on the porch right next to Frosty. They are so cheerful. I love the touches of bright red.
This summer I had taken the table down to the basement. It has always been a bit of a clutter magnet, but then I realized there was no place to put Christmas decorations. So back up it came!

The tinsel trees are another crafty project this year. I love the look of cone trees. But I haven't found any that I really liked (usually too much glitter!). So when I found cardboard cone forms at Hobby Lobby, I scooped up a couple. I also purchased at Hobby Lobby mini tinsel garland in the mini tree decoration section. With a bit of double sided tape, I had the cones wrapped in a few minutes. And for both trees it only cost me about $10!

The other side of the porch is dressed in it's usually wintry pillow covers. We kept it pretty simple this year.

 I love coming up with something new for the front door every year. Sometimes I have an idea what I want beforehand, sometimes not. This year I didn't really have a plan, but once I started it came together.

It is beginning to look very Christmasy here! The winter storm last weekend left a blanket of snow. The cookie varieties are piling up. And I only have four more presents to make. 
How are your Christmas preparations coming?


  1. Super fun decorations! Is the porch warm enough to sit in during the winter? Looks like such a cozy space to enjoy a hot beverage and view the outdoors. I think I'm ready, just finishing up two or three handmade items and that's it. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! The porch is not heated, so no leisurely coffee out there this morning! The temp was 28. In the spring and summer it is a lovely place though and we use it extensively.

      That is great you are all ready for Christmas! Now you can sit back and enjoy the season. Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great find, once again beautiful d├ęcor, I love the old painted table too.

    1. That table has special memories for us! I do love the enamel top. Thanks for visiting!