Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Cards and Snowflakes

I hope you enjoy looking at vintage cards as much as do, because here they are again! I always look forward to pulling them out each year. 

 This year I went a little simpler and combined the snowflakes and Christmas cards on the clothes line. I picked out cards that featured outdoor snow scenes. I think they compliment each other nicely!

My grandmother's crocheted snowflakes always amaze me! Such detailed work. I never knew how to decorate with such an odd color until I realized it goes perfectly with pink! So glad I figured that out!

 I also set a few cards on the tall bookshelf for a dash more color.

 Yes, that is a light switch in the middle of the wall. All I can say is it is an old house and that is where it has always been......


  1. How beautiful it looks. Such a wonderful idea to combine the vintage cards with the crochet snowflakes, certainly worth remembering for another year.

    1. The idea was originally from Pinterest, where I saw red felt snowflakes on paper that were placed on a clipboard. I loved the look, but didn't know where to get snowflakes until I remembered Grandma's blue ones! Somehow it morphed into a clothesline. I love hanging things up with mini clothespins! So easy to change and doesn't harm the object.
      Thanks for commenting!