Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Simple Knitting

Sometimes the easy and simple is best. Like Elizabeth Zimmerman's Garter Stitch Blanket I have been knitting. A soothing rhythm of clicking metal needles, miles and miles of speedy garter stitch, a simple woolly yarn that is washable.

  Sometimes once a knitter has learned more complicated techniques, garter is left behind. But there is a refreshing simplicity about garter stitch.

I will be sad to finish this project. It has been so enjoyable to settle in evenings with a movie and  watch the pieces grow larger and larger.

Yes, there will be pieces to sew together, but it is quickly and tidily done with a mattress stitch. (And so much better then wrestling with a mammoth knitted project.) 

You can view more details on Ravelry

I am so excited to gift this project! I know it will be loved and used......and greatly appreciated.


  1. Beautiful! This is what I should do. I'm pretty sure I can do garter stitch while watching a movie. That would be a good idea. But how do you eat popcorn then? 😕😁

    1. Good question! Knitting and snacks is always a bit tricky......
      I think you would like knitting a garter stitch blanket. There is a baby blanket version too.