Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas in Connecticut

Looking for a movie recommendation this weekend? Try one of my favorite Christmas movies,  "Christmas in Connecticut" starring Barbra Stanwyck. It has all the classic movie ingredients I love; a zany plot, delightful characters, a beautiful house, gorgeous costumes by Edith Head, wonderful Christmas decorations, and a couple of aprons!
(Don't you love that mammoth tree dripping with tinsel?!)

As the title implies, the plot revolves around a farmhouse in Connecticut.
Even though Elizabeth Lane (Barbra Stanwyck) doesn't own a farmhouse, she portrays herself as living on a Connecticut farm in her homemaking column. The publisher, unaware of Elizabeth's deception, invites himself and a returning war hero to her farmhouse for the holidays. Elizabeth and her editor hatch a plan to continue the charade. And you can imagine the hijinks that ensue.

"Christmas in Connecticut" was released in 1945, a time when everyone was weary of war and ready to return to pre-war homeyness. The movie abounds with old fashioned domesticity!  A cozy snow covered farmhouse, plenty of home cooked meals, a big cheerful kitchen, a crackling fire and a glittering Christmas tree. 
Nora, the housekeeper, is wearing an old fashioned white apron in this breakfast scene. 

There is even a comical flap-jack flipping scene! Don't you love the kitchen?
Even Barbra Stanwyck is wearing a gingham apron-esque dress, giving her a competent homemaker look.

One of my favorite scenes is when Elizabeth Lane and the war hero, Jefferson Jones, give the baby a bath. Isn't she wearing a fabulous apron?
And don't forget the charming bathroom! 

Have you seen "Christmas in Connecticut"? What is your favorite part of this fun holiday classic?


  1. I watched this while in San Diego with my 90 year old Dad. It is deliciously funny! I especially enjoyed the scenes with the baby, where she was so incompetent and he was totally in charge!

    1. What a special memory! I'll bet your Dad had some stories to share as well. Barbra Stanwyck plays such a charming out-of-element-city-dweller doesn't she?