Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House History

 Do you ever wonder what houses would tell one if they could talk? How many owners they could tell about, what joys and tragedies they witnessed, if they were loved and cherished or left empty. Since I love history and old houses, I love to ponder these things. Did the owners make it through the Great Depression (the house was built 6 years before that event)? Was it a family or a little old lady, were there young children running through the house or a quiet and sedate couple?
Last summer, I decided to try looking my house up in the 1940 census records. It took a bit of doing, but finally I discovered Daniel and Daisy Toner! 
Daniel and Daisy Toner
With a bit more research, I was able to fill in a bit of the Toner's story. From census and telephone directories Daniel and Daisy moved to my house shortly after their marriage. It appears they were the first owners of the house. Daniel, usually called Al, was a supervisor at the local furniture manufacturing company, Daisy a homemaker. They had one daughter, Jean who grew up in the house, went to collage and became a journalist. Daniel and Daisy lived to an old age and passed away in their 80's a few months apart. 
Even though I don't have too many details, just having a sketch is amazing. And having faces to go with the names is incredible! 


  1. That is so COOL! I too always wondered those same thoughts in the houses I've lived in. You even have a photo! Are you able to track down the daughter? So wonderful and your house looks like the house I spent my youngest years in with my Aunt and Uncle.

  2. Oh wow...how cool is that...that you were able to find out his information! Like you, I am also curious about older homes and the folks who lived there. Interesting stuff!

    1. It is so interesting! I like to imagine Daisy working in the kitchen or the family having dinner and what the house would have looked like. Hopefully we are carrying on their legacy by loving the house and filling it with family.

  3. That is so cool to know some of the history. And that photo is just great. It would be neat to have some photos of your house from that era, too.