Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Season's Newest Wrappings - 1938

"Wrapping the Christmas gifts is fast becoming a craft in its own right, for every holiday season brings a wealth of smart new ideas for those who want to make their gifts a joy to anticipate and a memory to be cherished. With happily chosen papers, plenty of ribbons and tricky seal and tags, many of which match or harmonize with the papers in design, there is no limit to what a fertile imagination can accomplish. And if a fertile imagination is not one's personal attribute, there are dozens of ideas to copy and adapt. Many of the papers come in a choice of color combinations, so that nearly everyone can find just what suits and if a paper is selected with due regard for the age, sex, or personality of the recipient, the results are certain to delight.
......Besides, there is a clever new wrinkle you will want to try, for though attractive papers and ribbons can glorify the humblest of gifts, you have only to attach one of the new "tie-up tie-ons" to make it entirely unique, an outstanding contribution to anybody's Christmas stocking!"
A page from Needlecraft 1938 December issue. Aren't the ideas clever?
 Left-"A truly lonely winter picture in black and white on blue is suggested by a scenic paper. Wide red cellophane ribbon is tied to frame a single unit of the design."
Center-"Colorful shirt stripes and wee modernistic trees make an attractive wrappings, with tiny tree seals for the ends and a felt electric light pull tied across one end with baby ribbon."
Right-"For little tot's gift, there is an appealing snowman paper in red, white and silver, to which may be tied a cunning Snuggle Snowman in a red and white."

 Left- "A package for the hobbist is tied with a red ribbon that becomes a "hobby" bookmark."
Right- "An amenable paper that features gay tree ornaments in many colors. A pendent ball of red and white felt in a green felt twig, tied under a red bow becomes a curtain pull."
 "Young moderns will adore a skaters' paper in red, white and buff. Felt mittens are a Rapid Repair Kit for lapel, one holding needles, the other lipstick."
 Don't you love their way with words? I wouldn't mind a rapid repair kit either!
Right-"Try frosted gingerbread paper in brown and white on blue with a pair of matching holders for any hostess gift."
 Left- "Silver-bells-on-black may be tied with latticed red ribbon to which is fastened a bell pin-bell."


  1. My Goodness! Does this bring back memories. It was up to me every Christmas to wrap packages. Over the years, I got bored so started doing "fancy" things to them--much like these. I'd hunt for ideas all year round. Sure wish these were in color, don't you? Don't you know they'd be bright and cheery!

  2. That is so much fun! My favorite part of Christmas is wrapping, the colors would have been great to see! Where did you find this again?

  3. One of my favorite pages.
    Did I forget to say where it came from? A 1938 December issue of Needlecraft. One of my favorite vintage magazines!