Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No More Staples!!

I am so excited to tell you there are no more staples in my house!! Whew, that was a job. The last spot to be de-stapled was the stairs. My sister Mandy and I decided to just get it done one night. It was very cozy squeezed into the stairwell with an elbow in my side and one's face two inches from the stairs. Great sister bonding time! Lol!
 The stairs after the horrible green carpet was pulled up and staples removed. With a lot of cleaning and a bit of refinshing, I think thay are going to beautiful!
I am planning on painting the kick plate(the horizontal part) and trim white to brighten it up and give it more of a cottage feel.
 From the top looking down. The stairs are one of the features that remind my of a cottage, the narrow twisty turning-ness. I love it!
The landing at the top. As you can see, there is a window at the top plus the window at the bottom of the stairs. I am planning on putting this space to good use and making a "book nook"! A few bookshelves and maybe a little bench to sit on? 
What is happening next at the cottage?
Getting the heat ducts cleaned (a hundred years of dirt, Ugh!)
Putting cement board down in the bathroom and kitchen.


  1. You have amazing energy to tackle these jobs during the holiday season. This stair case, with the twist and the two windows, remind me of those in the homes of friends in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. From what I see in these photos and your previous photos, you have a beautiful, well-crafted home.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!
      I wish I could get more done during the holidays, but I don't want to just focus on the house and miss this special time of year, so I have to be content and gear up for the new year!

  2. I love those stairs! Can't wait to see the book nook!!

  3. Oh it is so pretty! I know with your head for pulling things together it will be fantastic!