Thursday, December 20, 2012

Needlecraft December 1938

 The cover just cracks me up!
It is crazy to think the original price for the magazine was ten cents and I thought I got a bargain when I bought it for four dollars!
 This was the height of the Scottie Dog craze. Here is advertised a stuffed scottie, a scottie embroidered pillow and chair set. (I am assuming the chair set is little covers to put on a upholstered chair to keep the arms and headrest clean.)
 Suggested handmade gifts for 1938; Quilted jackets, embroidered waistcoats, girdles and suspenders (these are the kind made to wear outside your clothes as a wide belt, not the undergarment variety), embroidered hoods, embroidered slippers, challis blouses, shirred skirts.
 Hankies always seem to be the "fall back gift" in the 30s and 40s. If you didn't know to get a person or didn't know them that well, give them hankies! But can resist a charming embroidered hankie?
 I love this advice on choosing a frock for Christmas. "Buy color for your Christmas frock. Choose simple designs with lines that will give you a trimly short flaring skirt, a nipped in waist  and a high neckline. Don't forget that good-cheer frocks, such as shown here, are best with long sleeves because winter makes a long, long after Christmas stay."
Don't you love the little dolls with their national costumes? Too too cute!


  1. I'm so glad you took photos of the interior as well! And the cover is very telling - and that was only 1938. Just goes to show you that kids are no happier with tons of junk than they were when they only got a few but much-appreciated gifts. I didn't realize that kids were already ungrateful little wretches as far back as that. Oh yeah, wait. I believe it's called a sinful human nature.

  2. Great post! I like the cover of the magazine- it really is true. The one little girl made me think of "Little House" they were always so pleased with their simple gifts.

    It is very satisfying to make homemade gifts. This year I ran out of time, but last year I made gifts for almost every family member. : )

  3. I had the same thought as Sarah and "Little House", also pretty funny that even back in the 30's they were already thinking children had too much stuff. It's a really sweet cover though and I love all the ideas, I will have to study it and get ready for next year. Love the stuffed Scottie dog!

  4. Oh you have inspired me I think I am going to give hankies next year! I think the fall back present now is socks!

  5. The art work on the cover is so fantastic! Sure wish they still did that kind of work. I spotted the Twine Holder kit--been looking for one like that for years--one I could afford! How's the renovation going?
    Christmas Hugs,