Thursday, September 6, 2012

Every Apron has a Story

This week's apron post is based on an article from Mary Jane's Farm. It is a magazine for lovers of all things country; country decorating, country cooking, canning, gardening, crafting and animals! Sort of a modern day Farmer's Wife magazine. The article that caught my eye is about two sisters who create one of a kind aprons!!
Take a peak!
 "Joy is a word that you hear a lot when you are talking to Monica and Melissa. These two sisters, who live in neighboring towns, began making one-of-a-kind heirloom aprons out of vintage fabric and finding and started a business called Every Apron has a Story."
 "This apron is my gift to you", my grandmother said to me,
"Woven with truth and women's power, it is your legacy."
I reached across my grandmother's apron and touched her gnarled hand,
And felt the souls of all women whose courage forged this land.
I thanked her softly for my present, in tears and filled with pride
I greeted the shadows of Aproned women walking by by side.
~Gwen Petersen, from "The Legacy" in Leaning Into the Wind
"You'll never find two of our aprons that are alike," says Monica. "We are very proud of that."
Something else the sisters are proud of is the legacy that their aprons help to continue. "We want to remind people of the beautiful time that came before us," says Mellisa.
The love these two sisters have for their aprons is as heartwarming as the affection they have for each other. "We could never design without each other," Monica told me. "We are a good team. We see things a little differently sometimes, but there is always a common thread."
All excerpts are from Mary Jane's Farm, Aug-Sep 2012.
Aren't they fun? So very inspiring! I might have to try making an apron like this someday.


  1. I've subscribed to Mary Jane's Farm magazine from the first issue til now! In fact, I got the newest one in the mail today. Love it! The articles are so "personable"--you feel like you're actually visiting with them. When I saw this apron article, I thought of you. Glad to know you saw it, too!

    1. We love Mary Jane's Farm! It just took me awhile to get the post put together. We did get our new issue in the mail, but I have not had a chance yet to read it completly.

  2. I have this issue of Mary Jane too. : ) Those aprons are lovely.
    I am looking forward to trying the chicken pot pie recipe from that issue.

    1. How fun!! There are so many interesting articles. I don't remember the recipe for pot pie, I will havve to take another look!

  3. I don't have the magazine, but I do love my aprons! Especially the vintage ones.... the ones that smell like Grandma's good cookin'!

    I wear an apron each day, so lovely that others appreciate them, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just loved that this magazine spotlighted aprons! They are a ver special garment.

  4. I can't wait to try an apron with vintage hankies for pockets, I got some vintage hankies for a birthday gift! LOVE Mary Jane's Farm!