Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aprons in the Movies

What a glamorous picture of Lauren Bacall! Makes her rather ordinary half apron that much prettier.
 Carmen Miranda making.........water?! I am sure this is just a publicity picture as she really doesn't look like she is cooking anything. Love her apron though! And did you notice the rick-rack trim on her dress underneath?
 Barbra Billingsly as June Cleaver wearing a frilly little apron of sheer fabric. Obviously not for gardening!

From "Millions Like Us" an English 1940s movie about a girl who is called up to do war work. Even though she hopes for a glamorous job, she is stuck with factory work. Played by Patricia Roc. Very cute typical 40s style.


  1. What a fun post! I especially like Carmen Miranda's apron.

  2. Aprons were such a part of everyday dressing back then--even in movie costumes! Do you know when aprons went out of style? My first sewing project in 1964 was an apron--but I don't remember wearing it to work in. I don't remember Mom wearing them either. . .
    Loved this post!

    1. I think by 1970 they had pretty much disapeared. Only grannies worn them then. It seams to have been a combination of people not working as hard at cooking and Women's Lib, not wanting to appear as a women tied to her kitchen. So sad beacuse homes are very important to everyone.....wether they know it or not.