Saturday, September 15, 2012

1940's Refridgerator Ads

 A few 1940s refrigerator ads for you to enjoy. I am not sure why I am fascinated with vintage ads.... Maybe because they seam rather simplistic compared to our modern ones? Maybe because they have not thrown good taste out the window? Maybe because I love the old fashioned-ness of the line drawings versus photographs?
 I know there are lots of others out there who like vintage ads too, I have heard from quite a few of you! Why do you like them??
Surprisingly, there aren't any aprons pictured along with these refrigerators. I had thought they always went together eggs and bacon....


  1. I think I'm drawn to vintage ads because everyone always looks so happy in them--reminds me of all the simple pleasures in life--like home, family, and good times. These are great ads, even without the aprons!

  2. That is so true! They do make one think of the simple pleasures of life.