Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Advert Pictures

 These pictures are from Getty Images, an online archive. Most of their pictures are new and old photographs used for advertising. Because they aren't every snapshots there is a staged look to them, but we get marvelous views of the aprons!
 I wonder what this one would have been an ad for........"You can cook a 20lbs turkey in your new GE stove!" She has such a sweet face and a cute apron! Do you see that dainty picot edge?
I can't image what she could be cooking with all those ingredients! Love her hair and the apron.


  1. That's me today in that first photo! LOL Just how I feel! Been cleaning house all day and know how she feels. Some things never change. . .

  2. Love those old adverts! No matter how many aprons I acquire, my favorite will always be my very first one - made just for me by my grandmother when I was about six.