Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Appliance Ads

 Late 40s ad for a stove. It is very similar my 1947 GE Stratoliner. It think this ad is probably a few years older. They still have the built in pressure cooker though! Just in case you missed the original post or would like to revisit, "1947 Stratoliner".

A two page ad for Norge appliances. Including an oven with an Electric Oven Lighter! What will they think of next?! Don't forget to notice the cute aprons!


  1. Yes, CUTE aprons! I remember the days when we were encouraged to use LOTS AND LOTS of electricity, for it was ♫'pennies cheap from NSP to you!'♪ Obviously, that is not the case today. lol

  2. Yes Heide, great vintage aprons. I love vintage ads for kitchen and household items. They generally show women wearing practicle aprons. Nowdays,in these ads women aren't wearing aprons, or there are MEN demonstrating the appliance. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Kim. (Vintage apron lover)