Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unsung Sewing Patterns

Poking around on the internet, I always keep an eye open for new and interesting apron pictures or patterns. When I found Unsung Sewing Patterns I hit the jackpot! This website is all about the everyday ordinary patterns, the pajamas, nightgowns, aprons, uniforms, smocks and costumes. The patterns that often get overlooked by fashion enthusiasts. Did you catch that? She has aprons!! And very early apron patterns, at that. Here are a few favorites.

Her hair just makes me laugh! Very 1910s, a little Greek revival there. I like the window pane plaid it is made out of.

 Very flowy, the back is very interesting too. I would put this at 1906ish.

 I love the dusting hat with this one. Doesn't everyone need one?

Early 1920s. Bungalow apron? I haven't heard of one before. It looks like a predecessor of the 60s house dress.

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  1. That little dust bonnet reminds me of a Poirot where all the cooks and whatnot wore those. Check out Midwest to Midlands' KITCHEN. Can't you just see the cook bustling about wearing one of those aprons (above) and that dust bonnet! What a fun find!