Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home

 I recently ran across these aprons in a book in the North Texas University Digital Archives click on the link to view the whole book. The booklet is entitled Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home, copyright 1952. This was put together by the United States Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics to "Discusses the importance of functional features when selecting patterns or ready-made dresses and aprons." Quite an interesting little book.
Notice the sturdiness of the aprons. These were designed to work! I love the different configurations of the shoulder straps, trying to solve the ever present problem of them falling off the shoulder. And of course, large pockets!
Isn't this clever? I am not sure why you just can't bring a basket if you are going to pick apples. But I think it would come in handy for other things. It is now on my to-make-list!


  1. I enjoyed the book very much. The dresses are darling, I wish I could sew each one for myself, but I first need to look for the patterns. As for the aprons, they are so chic, I would love the basket aprons to use as a clothes pin holder. I think it would make a wonderful addition to my apron collection.


  2. Actually, I've been known to pick apples and put them in the bottom half of my T-shirt (in an emergency). :-) My mom wore that bias plaid when I was a kid. I think it's so unflattering on just about everyone. But I love the styles of those aprons. I MUST use a full apron when cooking or baking so that I don't get olive oil or flour all over myself!