Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea for Two

I found this cute little 1954 apron pattern the other day, with tea cup pockets!
 It reminded me of the movie Tea for Two with Doris Day and Gordon MacRay. Of course they also sing the title song!



  1. So fun Heide! Makes me want to watch it!

    P.S Have we watched it??

  2. Sweet!! My mom and her friends used to have aprons like that. Some were a chiffon (?) fabric that they'd starch.

    WONderful news about Ian and Becky!!! Praise God!

    Be sure to weigh in on my little 'scent survey' on Cranberry Morning when you have time. :-)

    Have a great weekend, Heide!

  3. Now I want to watch Tea For Two it looks like a fun movie to watch on a rainy day. Oh my! I love the apron pattern above. What a cute find...

    Blessings Always,

  4. It is a fun little movie! Not the best Doris Day ever made. The plot is a little shaky, even for a musicial. But you get to hear Doris and Gordon sing, so I am not complaining!