Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am back...

Sorry friends for just dropping of the earth like that. I went to visit my sister last week. I meant to have a few posts all ready to go, but that just didn't happen. Anyway I am back and had a wonderful time! Even though it was a working holiday, it was fun. I went up to help a friend of my sister's with her wedding, as coordinator. Such a fun job! I have some really fun things to share, if I can find a camera.

 I have a very small blue glass collection, Very small, as it is so pricey! This is the newest addition.
Made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company between 1940-1950, the pattern is called "Moderntone". It is in beautiful condition! A great piece for my collection. besides, I really love pitchers!


  1. Beautiful. Was this the first time you were a wedding coordinator? I have a friend who does that too. She loves it. Glad you had fun.

  2. Lovely photo!! And that is such beautiful glass!!

  3. I was so excited to find the little pitcher! I always keep my eyes out for blue glass.

    Yes I have coordinated for a few weddings, this was my fourth. Mostly relitives. It is a very fun job! So far they have all gone fairly smoothly.