Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Website Updated- 1900s Page

I have been trying to do a little updating and clean and organizing of my picture collection. (It is fall! The need to clean is coming out!) I hadn't realized my 1900s website page was blank! Not sure how that happened, computer or human error. It is now back up with a few new pictures! This is one of the hardest era to find patterns or illustrations for. sigh!
This is a new find. I love the silhouette and the shoulder straps!
Check out the other new pictures https://sites.google.com/site/apronhistory/


  1. Oh my Heide,
    The pic of Anna reminds me of my 90 something year old grandmama Margret, who lives in Northern Mexico in a small town called Camargo,Tamaulipas. The picture of Anna wearing her apron brings back memories of my grandmama. So nice of you to have this amazing collection of pics.
    You have beautiful family.


  2. Thank you Jacqueline!
    We do seem to have a lot of photos, which is very nice as unfortunatly I never got to meet Anna. I only know her from pictures, stories and of course her aprons!