Thursday, September 8, 2011

Official Start of Knitting Season

Monday was the official start of knitting season! It all kicks off with our local yarn store's annual anniversary sale! It is one of don't miss events of the year! We plan for months what we are going to purchase and save up. Not that we really stop knitting at a certain time of the year, it is just the start of the fall and Christmas knitting. :) Of course I ended up with more then was on my list. A new book and yarn to knit one of the projects. The book is "Shetland Trader". I don't generally buy knitting books as I never think the expense justifies using one pattern. But this book I fell in love with! And I like eight out of the ten patterns! Here is a link to the hat I am making.
The weather here has also been perfect for knitting. A little cool with a fall breeze. And the nights are down-right chilly! Perfect for cozing up with a good movie and knitting needles.


  1. And you are totally amazing with those knitting needles. I'm still stalled on a baby sweater's hood. I've got to get motivated!! The book looks interesting, and the knitting is beautiful - of course.

  2. I picked up knitting again a few months ago after years of being idle and I totally forgot how much I enjoy knitting. My latest project is a white baby blanket for my neibours granchild. Happy Knitting.

  3. I am working of a felt purse. I am almost done!

  4. Fall is such a great time for crafting! For some reason the creative juices start flowing when cooler weather arrives.

    Such great projects! Happy Knitting!