Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Guys Named Mike

I know it's not Friday (the day I usually post movies), but today is a nice fall day. Rainy, cloudy, cool. The perfect day to curl up with knitting and watch a movie. This one we just discovered and now it is one of our favorites! It is cute and funny.
Three Guys Named Mike is about Marci Lewis, who decides to become an airline stewardess. Marci is a perky, fun loving girl who manages to get herself in a lot of situations. She also ends up with three boyfriends, all named Mike! I love the scene where they are all together and she decides one needs to be Mike, one Micheal and one Micky!
I also love the bungalow she moves into, so cute!

We watched this on Netflix, for all those Netflix users.


  1. That was a fun Movie !!

  2. I need to watch it!!! it sounds like a winner.


  3. Always enjoy watching movies that someone else has watched and recommended. I'll have to look for it.

  4. I know you all will love it!
    I might have to watch it again......