Friday, November 30, 2018

Progress Report Week 22: Still Floors!

Can you believe it has been 5 months!?! Boy, time sure flies..... And I thought I would be finished up by now. It isn't quite as fun working evenings at the Brick House when it is cold and dark as when it was warm and sunny. But progress is still being made! Just a little slower....
Mandy and I made lists for each room so we could keep track of what still needed to be done. Not too many left to check off!
Don't you love how sunny the living room is? Love all those big windows. It is always bright, even on a cloudy day.

We have been working on trim too. The corner trim (or back bend) on the window looks like it has always been there, doesn't it? Half of it has! We had to replace the top half as is was cut out to fit the cabinets at some point in history. 

The door to the deck also got corner trim added to it. There wasn't ever any there. Helps it to blend in more now. Luckily a local lumber yard had the trim in stock.

The bathroom is also getting new trim! There was tiny trim around the door, but no baseboard. Still working on the baseboard. There is a little more fitting involved with baseboard the door trim. I can't wait to paint it!

 I got a little tired of scrubbing floors and decided it was time to start shellacking them! This one is the front bedroom. So excited with how they are turning out!

I put the first coat on the back bedroom last night. You can hardly see the strip where there was glue stuck on. This is just the first coat. I will put on another one to two coats of shellac.

 Almost there with the middle bedroom! You can see I have the back third done and just of the front area around the doorway to do. It should be the easy part!

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  1. My goodness the floors are looking amazing. Such amazing progress.