Friday, November 9, 2018

Progress Report Week 19: Floors and Snow

 We got our first snow this morning. Everything is covered in a fresh sparkly layer. I love how cozy houses look in the snow! Mandy and I stopped at the Brick House for a few photos on our way back from the hardware store (gathering a few more plumbing supplies).

 Aren't the trees gorgeous!

 This week has been a bit slower, still getting our energy back from all the festivies with the sister and nephews here. Plus the time change doesn't help, that always throws me off. I did get a good start by finishing off the painting on the last three windows Monday and on Tuesday got the front of the closet doors painted.

I have also been working on the floors. Instead of sanding and re-finishing them, I decided to rejuvenate them. First I am washing the floors down with denatured alcohol, then I will apply a couple of fresh coats of shellac. So far they are looking really good! This is the front bedroom freshly washed down with denatured alcohol.

The Brick House has hydronic heat (did I mention that before?). I love all the old radiators! This is a new type of heating for me, so I have been getting a crash course in boiler and radiator care. Did you know if a radiator is hot on the bottom, but cold on top it has air in it and needs to be bled? I now need to figure out how to fix one that is hot on top, but cold on bottom. From what I am finding out it might be sludge build up.

 Looking down into the back yard from the back bedroom. 

I love these shiny hooks all in a row! They were actually on the other wall in the entry, but that looked like an accident waiting to happen as the glass door opened against, so I moved them over here. The perfect place to hang coats!


  1. My goodness, snow already. Your beautiful house looks stunning against the wintery backdrop.

  2. I love this, Heide! This is just exactly the type of house I want to move to when we sell our big farmhouse (hopefully next summer). I would love it.