Thursday, September 27, 2018

Progress Report Week 13: Stairs and Doors

It has been an exciting week at the Brick House! At lest, it has felt exciting to me. Quite a few projects that have been on the list have been checked off!
But before we get into all that, this was this mornings project. All these doors were in the garage when I bought the house. (Who know for how long! They were filthy!) I was pretty sure they belonged to the closets in the bedrooms, but wasn't certain. This morning I pulled them out, hosed them down and measured them. They all fit the closets! Yey!

 I was surprised two of the doors had different doorknobs. Very Art Deco, aren't they? You just never know what you are going to find in an old house!
The plan is to scrape these down and repaint them this weekend.

 With fall in the air, we knew time was running out to get any exterior painting done. So last weekend Mom and Mandy helped me paint the porch floor, steps, railing and porch walls. Doesn't it make it nice and crisp looking? Love the power of paint!

I darkened up the brown, the old color seemed to be clashing with the brick. I also moved the house numbers. Not sure why, but putting up new house numbers has kinda become my thing with new houses. Just another way to put my mark on a house!

 We have also been working the stairs. Thankfully, it is going really well. I was not looking forward to climbing up a ladder perched on top of stairs. (Heights are not my thing anyway.) But I survived and the stairs aren't scary to climb up now! We also added a steel jack post at the bottom of the basement stairs. It has sagged a bit and I was worried over the years it would continue to sag. The post has also made a difference it making the landing and stairs feel firmer.

 To the right, do you see the pale pieces of wood? Those are the new wooden shims. Once the house has settled in place from the jacking up, I will climb back up the ladder and nail them in place. We will also put screws in at the joints where the step and kick plate meet. You can see a few steps still have tiny little cracks that the light is shining through, I will have to snug up the shims and see if I can get them tighter.

I had some extra time one evening and decided to prime the back bedroom. Two of the walls were dark dusky purple. This room faces north so it is a little darker anyway. 

I also have been working on the bathroom floor. Sanding it down, getting ready to paint it. I am very excited to see how it turns out. I love painted floors!

So that has been my exciting week! What about yours?


  1. I love the photo of the old doors! And I’m impressed with your constant and rapid progress.

    1. I thought they looked kind of picturesque! I loved that two had different knobs, a fun surprise. Thanks for your encouragement. It is time to get this project wrapped up!

  2. Those doors must have been a real delight to find that they fitted. You really are doing so well I am in awe of all your hard work.

    1. It was a huge relief! I am not sure why they would have been taken off the closet doors in the first place.... And judging by the peeling paint and cobwebs, they had been in the garage quite awhile. Thanks for following along on the journey!